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Apart from our daily news feeds being filled with the never ending Brexit debacle, the other hot topic being bandied about is the seemingly swift condemnation of Diesel vehicles by the government. At Autotechnics in Gillingham, we field questions daily from our customers who seem quite perplexed and confused at this apparent U turn.
At Autotechnics, we have known for the past 5 years or so that the latest Euro Emission criteria was going to be virtually impossible to meet. You only have to remember the VW emission scandal to see the pressure placed on manufacturers to comply with the ever tighter regulation on CO2 emissions enforced by the Kyoto agreement in an effort to slow down global warming and the air quality regulation on Nox emissions, enforced by compliance to Euro6 by those Europeans types. (Donít mention Brexit)
Whatís surprised me the most is the apparent tardiness of most European manufacturers in predicting the change and reacting to the trend. Some car makers, like Toyota, have been developing Hybrid electric vehicles for years and dare I say it, not taken very seriously by other manufacturers or the general public. A Toyota Prius had been reserved for the trendy wealthy Californian or a middle aged green crusader wearing sandals over their white socks.
Oh how things have quickly changed! The inspirational and pioneering brilliance of Elon Musk (founder of Tesla motors) has seen the tide change dramatically, as other main stream manufacturerís scrabble to get a foothold in the emerging electric/hybrid vehicle market.
Autotechnics Gillingham identified the need to embrace the quickly changing trend and have sent their technicians on specific Hybrid and Electric vehicles (EV) training courses with Bosch. The biggest concern for any garage attempting to carry out work on a Hybrid vehicle is one of safety. Lethal voltages and electrical current have to be isolated before work can be carried out on the car. This level of danger was never present in a fossil fuelled car making it extremely important that only qualified technicians safely carry out work on Hybrid and EVís.
So, if youíve got a hybrid or EV and youíre worried about paying main dealer prices for service and repair come and see us!

Date: 04-05-2017

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