Autotechnics Dispute Resolution

Autotechnics (Bosch Car Service) and the provision of ADR (EU Directive 2013/11/EU)

The Bosch Car Service network's customer care procedures have always included the provision of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). In short, this means in the unlikely event there is a dispute (complaint) which the customer and garage cannot resolve together, then the Bosch Car Service member is obliged to engage with an independent body who will recommend a resolution.

Specifically, the ADR provider to the Bosch Car Service network is the National Conciliation Council; this body is audited and certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to provide independent ADR.

It's important to appreciate that any concerns or queries a customer might have should be directed firstly to us at Autotechnics. There are two reasons for this, firstly we care passionately for our customers and would welcome the opportunity to explore even the slightest concern or query and secondly, ADR is only available providing we have had the opportunity to engage with the customer. That is, ADR is part of a process and is not the first step in resolving a dispute.

Please contact us on 01747 824373 or Bosch at 0800 077 8866 if you require any further information.