Charity Banger Rally Challenge

So, It's got to that time of year again where another Banger Rally is looming!
This year we are resurrecting an old Mercedes E320 that's been lying dormant for over 3 years in our car park at Autotechnics.
The said 'beast' is in the process of being transformed into ECTO 1 and our theme this year is going to be 'Ghostbusters'!!! (You can check out our progress by searching @dorsetbangerrallychallenge )
The plan is to leave Cornwall on Sunday 30th and to travel through Spain... and Portugal to arrive at Gibralter.
Pimping up an old banger with a paint roller and bolting on accessories is quite liberating for a garage owner you know!
However, there is a serious side to this hilarity and that is to raise funds for Salisbury Hospital Stars appeal with the benefactor being the Babies Neo Natal Unit.
Please click on the link to find out more and to donate towards this incredibly worthy cause!

Many thanks

Viv & Ross